International Debt Collection

Why us

Amicable and constructive

Our approach to debt collection is amicable yet constructive for both business and private debtors, with a focus on maintaining positive customer relationships throughout the process.

Dig Deep to Uncover Hidden Assets

Our comprehensive asset search facilitates the enforcement of judgments by investigating the assets of debtors, including individuals and companies.

Fourteen-Day Demand Letter

Our official letterhead, sent by registered post or delivered by bailiff, demands payment from your debtor without additional collection costs. After receiving the letter, your debtor can directly transfer the owed amount to your own account within the next 14 days.

Recovery your unpaid debt

Have you been struggling to collect on an assigned judgment? Our effective collection methods can help you get the results you need. Let us take the burden off your shoulders and work tirelessly to recover your money. With our experience and expertise, we can help move your case forward and get you the results you deserve.

Compliance with Regulations

Our company strictly adheres to the regulations outlined in the Personal Data Protection Act. We ensure that all procedures and protocols are followed in accordance with the guidelines set by the Dutch Association of the Judiciary, including the structuring of our costs.

Competitive Prices through Automation

Our debt collection services are automated with advanced technologies, like artificial intelligence, providing high-quality services at competitive prices. This sets us apart from traditional debt collection agencies.

Cross-connections for debt recovery

We utilize various channels to identify connections related to your debtor, allowing us to visualize cross-connections and determine the correct legal recoverability. Our approach ensures that we can recover your debt from your debtor efficiently and effectively.

In-house Lawsuit Handling

We handle the entire legal process in-house, from preparing lawsuits to having them served by our professional bailiffs on location. This streamlined approach results in faster communication and cost savings for you.

Last Cashing Letter

Last 14 days of demand, without collection costs for your debtor, on our letterhead. Your debtor transfers the money directly to your own account.

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Some of our debt collection services

Debt collection

We specialize in the collection of various types of debts, including B2B and B2C invoices, membership dues, contract payments, and sponsorship fees. Let us help you recover what is rightfully owed to you.

Debt collection in Poland

Don’t give up, we can help you! Poland is the 4th highest debtor to the Dutch State, after the UK, Portugal, and Lithuania. With our knowledge of the language, rules, and strong network of professional partnerships, we are the experts in debt collection in Poland.

bailiff's seizure before verdict

In cases where the debtor has valuable assets that may be sold before the verdict, pre-judgment seizure is recommended. This ensures that all of the debtor’s property can be confiscated to cover the outstanding debts, providing peace of mind to the creditor.

forensic accounting

At times, we encounter situations where it appears that a debtor (limited liability companies in particular) has no means to pay off their debt. However, through a thorough and meticulous corporate accounting investigation, we may uncover hidden assets that can be made available for collection by our bailiffs.

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