advanced investigation

Dig Deep to Find Hidden Assets.

We carry out a comprehensive asset search to facilitate the execution of judgments. We investigate the assets of judge debtors – individuals and companies. Our research covers all types of assets, including banks and brokerage accounts, real estate and balance sheet – hidden asset.

forensic accounting

We are regularly confronted with seemingly uncollectible debtor (limited liability companies). A complex corporate accounting investigation may result that some hidden assets will be made available for bailiff’s collection.  


fraudulent conveyance

Transfers of Property to Family Members, Close Associates or Corporate Entities. 

A transfer will be fraudulent if made with actual intent to hinder, delay, or defraud any creditor. Thus, if a transfer is made with the specific intent to avoid satisfying a specific liability, then actual intent is present.

Asset Searches on Individual Debtors

In order to facilitate the execution of judgments against individuals, we carry out asset searches covering a wide range of personal financial assets.

A comprehensive investigation of personal property focuses on:

  • Financial Accounts

  • Real Property

  • Employment and Business Interests

  • Financial Awards and Settlements
    (Divorce, Probate, Insurance and Civil Cases)

  • Other Tangible Assets
    (Motor Vehicles, Aircraft and Boats)


Once the assets are identified, the next step is to collect the debts. Methods of collection may include account levy, wage garnishment, and judgment liens.

Business Asset Search

If the debtor of the judgment is a company, it is necessary to investigate the assets and sources of income of the company.

The focus of commercial asset research can include the following research areas:

  • Business Bank Accounts

  • Company Benefit

  • Tangible Assets: Real Estate, Vehicles, Financed Equipment

  • Securities Filings 

  • Corporate Credit 

Consult an Investigator

If you want to discuss the search of assets for the execution of a judgment or related issues, you can talk to an investigator by contacting our office: +31202403041 or fill a form.