Incasso in Poland

At EURO-INCASSO, we specialize in debt collection services, providing effective solutions where others may falter. Poland ranks as the fourth largest debtor to the Dutch State, following the UK, Portugal, and Lithuania. Our team boasts fluency in the language, an in-depth understanding of local regulations, and a robust network of professional partnerships. As a law-abiding member of the European Union, Poland recognizes Dutch judgments. Trust EURO-INCASSO as your reliable bridge to debt collection in Poland.

Bailiff enforcement in Poland

In Poland, a bailiff (komornik sądowy) is a unique figure who serves both as a public servant acting on behalf of the state and as a business owner managing their own affairs. This definition is based on Polish legal regulations, which define the bailiff as a legal enforcement authority, working in conjunction with the court system, and fulfilling the duties of a public servant.

It is worth noting that the rates for bailiff services in Poland are often lower than in the Netherlands. Additionally, with our assistance, clients from the Netherlands need not worry about cultural and language differences, as we have expertise in both Poland and the Netherlands. We can guide clients through the entire debt recovery process in Poland, ensuring that it is a seamless experience.

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